Monday, May 17, 2010

So Close, Yet So Far Away

Goilala - Full oF Portential.

Goilala, first up is up in the highlands of Central Province. And the climate is temparate. Meaning its cold and cool.

Ideally, this is a climate were fresh nutrious food and vegetables can be grown.. rather is grown.
These vegetables include kaukau, sweet potatoes, ball cabages, chinese cabages, paw paw, pineapple, corns, pumkins, sugarcane, banana, jam, greens, beans of all types and breeds, apples, oranges, watermelons, guawa, kasawa, carrots, onions, spring onions. This is just a few that came to mind, but the list can grow and grow and grow.

Resources wise, we have Gold, TGM is one example and we got Olom, Saki, Kerau, Aigora, Minaru, Mt. Yule, Mt. Albert Edward, Sindo, all coming on board shortly...

We also got potential to grow and raise cattle, sheep, goats, chicken, piggery, fish farms.
We also got the potential for logging and handicraft production if you have tools.

Flying into Goilala by plane is 26 minutes to Woitape, 24 minutes to Ononge, 25 Minutes to Fane, 30 minutes to Tapini, 32 minutes to Sopu, 31 minutes to Kerau, 34 minutes to Guari, 35 minutes to Kamurai, 36 minutes to yongai.

By highway to Tapini, it takes 5 hours, but this timing is increased due to rough and poor road conditions.

Time and again, countless number of times, different people from different fields of expertize has come and gone, proclaiming how huge the potential is.
The media has come in and reported our potential far and wide. TV crew has come in and made productions and published worldwide.

Compared to other districts and provinces nationwide, Goilala stands a huge advange. The reason been that Port Moresby City with its ever increasing population is our main and sole market. Hotels, resaurants, schools, army barracks, hospitals, supermartkets, kai bars, and the small blackmarket sales man and woman. To top is off we have the main wharf right here in Port Moresby which we can export overseas if all goes well.

Having such a potential at the backyard of HAUS TAMBARAN [Waigani Parliment] not even the National Government realizes that. Even the Local MP for Goilala [former and present] does not even know that potential.
MAke is worse, these elected member[s] were once sleeping in this Goilala village, eating this fresh foods, drinking this cool fresh water, forgets all about it once he enters Parliment. Is it because he is too busy to even have a minute spared for his past?
Well if he is then, what is it that is keeping him busy? Because if it was Goilala that was keeping him busy then we would have seen some positive change back home... however sadly, that is not so.

The Central Provincial Government is also not bothered. Not even one of their Agriculture officials from the Provincial government goes up to Goilala on a field trip or such. ALl of them are down here at Konedobu working on god knows what...

Until someone start using his/her head from the top level down, we Goilala's can continue to have that potential with nothing done about it.

Many The Good GOD have mercy on us... one Day.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lack Of Funding

This project started February 2008. All the necessary papers works and requirements where furnished and done up. These included registering of our Business group, opening up of the post office box, organizing and getting our company stamp done with Moore Printing, Approaching Taxation Office - IRC, securing the service of a Project Manager, which is PNG Development Services Ltd, Australian Owned and operated.

We then proceeded not to organizing and securing a Professional Accountant who has a background of assisting people with Proposals to come up with our Technical Proposal.

Its was a full business proposal [24 pages] with appendixes and certications and recommendations from various stake holders included, we had a 40 page Proposal done, printed in color, binned and signed off and then handed over to Central Provincial Governor MOROI's Project Office, Member for Goilala, Mathew POIA's office, PNG Fresh Produce Development Agencies Ltd - Micheal Atuai, AusAID, NZAID Offices respectively.

To date, no one called us, e-mail us, or even reply to our proposal why way of snail mail.

Does this mean we have missed something out in our Proposals? Or does this mean our Project is not inline with the National, Provincial and Local Level government's development Plans?

Agriculture, I thought was the backbone of this nation. And anything Agricultur was always going to be take as priotity number one.

What we have done and geniune and the right and correct thing to do. We meet all the criteria. We ticked all the boxes that needed to be ticked. And what is the hold up. Had someone come back to us and told us what is wrong and what needed to be done, we would have corrected that and returned with the correct version.
Sadly that is not the case.

This agriculture Project if funded, will benefit the small people in a big way. Money will be brought back to them. They will farm their own land and then sell their produce and earn their own cash, which then can be used in various ways. School fees, soap, rice and tinned fish, clothes, tools for working, salt and cooking oil to name a few.

Why this project did not get a mention is one thing and howthis project did not seem geniune is another thing.

ALl we can do now is wait.

Anthony MORANT
Chairman _ Kanitata Fresh VFBG

Friday, August 21, 2009

Inital Stages When Land Was Cleared

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Cabbages Ready for Inspection run by TGM

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Farming: Kosipe is the Place

Surrounded by virgin blue rainforest infested mountains, with cold cool natural springs running down to join the huge crystal clear rivers running down through the main Kosipe Valley, this valley is fertile and ever ready for large scale farming. Farming can range from vegetable farming, trout farming, cattle farming, oti culture farming, flower farming.
The potential is there. Someone needs to tap into that.


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